Journey’s and Introductions to Chile

Suprise performance on one of Chile’s
top stations, gave a huge divine welcome!

Not only that, but Chilean beauties knocked our stockings off when we arrived at the airport. Pounding on glass and holding dear signs of love, we were greeted at the airport gates by a divinely dedicated crew. As any amazing hosts know, they didn’t stop there. When we arrived on the soundstage to shoot “Dead is the New Alive,” all of those same faces were right there singing along with us. Your faces are forever imprinted on my insane mind, and you will forever be my “first” in the splendor of Chile.

Thanks South America.

The amazing soundstage let me do fire,
and that makes one Contessa very happy!


5 thoughts on “Journey’s and Introductions to Chile

  1. Dear Contessa! I was there, crying like a child would, singing Dead is the New Alive with all my heart. And you hugged some of my best friends! one of the best days of our lives.

  2. dear, see your face in the airport, then in the TV show and then in the concert was the most amazing experience in my life, it was more than anything that i ever dream, hug you, (remember that i told you “you’re my fav” in the airport) well, i dream to said this almost 2 years, since you was a crumpet, see the performance of 306, eating emilie’s arm, see you, OMG SEE YOU! was more that i ever imagine to realize in my life
    thank you for be so incredible

    with love, mabro

    P.S: i’m the boy who appear screaming in the video of dead is the new alive above! xD

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