Contessa’s Macassar Oil


                                The Secrets of Macassar Oil

Lustre for Hair and Body

There are so many ways to use and take advantage of all that Macassar Oil can provide.  Depending on skin and hair texture, you can use this oil in many different ways to get the results you want.


– apply Contessa’s Macassar Oil before heading to the beach or for a day out in the sun to protect those gorgeous locks from sun and salt

– apply oil thirty minutes before shower and gently rinse out

– after shower while skin is still moist rub Contessa’s Macassar Oil all over body to lock in moisture

– apply oil to cotton ball or q-tip to remove eye-makeup or massage face with a few drops to use as an all over makeup remover.  Wipe off makeup with a dry cloth

– for dry hair, apply Macassar Oil to wet hair after shower and continue to apply to the ends as needed throughout the day.  Can be applied to dry hair for extra shine and lustre

                                       Rowland’s Macassar Oil
                         A magazine advert published in 1860.


So it’s possible that Mr. Rowland became my afternoon tea snack, but I honor his work in the fields of cosmetic healing by bringing to you the   21st century version of… Macassar Oil for Hair and Body!

                            Carrying on the tradition of Victorian beauty!!

As I embark on this Alchem-Mystic path bringing such products as Macassar Oil, Salt Scrubs, Spice Oils and more, my priority stands in the heart of creating products that are chemical free and inspired by the beauty that nature provides us.  I use essential oils that are medicinal therapeutic grade and graded for internal and external use. The world of essential oils is opening up the historical medicinal vaults, and once again we are gaining the knowledge to use the potency of plants.





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