CANNIBAL BEAUTY:To consume what you love without destroying it!


Beauty is something we’ve molded and formed as cultures rise and fall.  It is relative, seen only when we choose to see it, and now fueling an industry that deconstructs the Earth in order to obtain it.  Earth,  the one thing most agreed upon as a constant inspiration for beauty and the thing that takes the brute while we try to recreate it. 

So in the midst of creating a beauty line for the delicious souls that I encounter, I’m constantly whizzing by road signs reminding me that I’m now actively creating, using, recycling, and abusing a philosphy of beauty I’m not comfortable with. 

 I try my best to use materials that arrive and survive harmoniously with the earth. All the while, constantly questioning myself in producing such a CANNIBAL Beauty Line.  I find that beauty must be redefined and practiced everyday in order to break the social media’s perfectionism syndrome.  Cliche as it is, the reach for beauty outside of ourselves seems relentless and wasteful.  It bandages the ugly stick for sheer moments, then seems to highlight the scratchy thorn we didn’t want to look at in the first place. 

Who the ninnybots taught us we had to possess in ourselves a scratchy thorn??

It wasn’t until the day I accepted what I adored about myself, that I began to understand that I had beauty to highlight.  Naturally a  ritual formed in order to practice what would keep this light glowing. 

Unfurling my beauty is a long and constant journey through movement, dancing, clowning, funny face making, freedom to morph, and the freedom to connect with others, through the use of my body.  The electricity of health that allowed me to accomplish all of this movement, finally brought me to a place where I wanted to accent what I felt inside.  Health being the fresnel that rooted this light, I’m delighted and empowered to avenue my beauty through ancient medicinal practices, where most of our beauty care really stems from. 

As many of you know I’m an avid medicinal essential oil user, and these are always the heart of my products.  Essential oils are one of the oldest forms of medicine known to humans. Taking loving care of the complex, freaky, intelligent, creatives we are, is one of the most beautiful things I can imagine. 

Fatty oils mixed with essential oils were slathered across the body of men and women to prevent any and all disease and ailments.  The eyes were encircled with dark mixes of minerals and essential oils to protect the eyes from disease, sun, and spirits.  Hair and skin were lathered in scents and oils to create a protective barrier between our sensitive bacterial systems and the environments we were creating into civilizations.

As I use the oils and products from doTERRA and CANNIBAL Beauty, I’m in constant practice of sustaining and preserving my vitality on this planet.  My health, my beauty, my opportunity to connect with you, has unlocked a beauty pool far too deep to ever run dry.  Redefining a practice, a ritual, a social stigma, back to its NATURE.


P.S playing with your beauty medicine is the 2012 way to administer your drugs.  When in doubt, use oils!!

From somewhere inside a puddle…and my deepest love


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