PETRA -eyeliner for the love of your eyes-

PETRA, eyeliner that's medicine for the windows of your soul
The vaults of frankincense in the city of Petra

It started in flames of my mind as I contemplated why I love to encase my eyes in dark coloring everyday.  I wear it to bed often, knowing I really should wash it off, but I love how morning eyes can look.  I adore that I give myself the opportunity everyday to paint my face in ritual symbology of the love I have for my life, my interactions in this world, and the freedom of expression I feel.  It was only a short while ago that I finally started wearing make-up for decoration and adornment as oppose to trying to change or cover something up.  For so many years, always being apart of the performing world, I had easily slipped into different characters, being who others wanted to see, and morphing myself into whatever I thought would be pleasing to others.  I was a pro.  A big behind the scenes task in the performing world is the recreation with makeup and costume to morph yourself into something else.  Theatre makeup, learning the meaning of the clown’s white face,  I could white out myself and reconstruct a brand new COntessa any time I pleased.  There is freedom, comfort, and safety to it.  Throw on a wig and crazy makeup and escape, without any repercussions.  I have to say, a lot of this time was a blast and I relish in creating and expressing myself and always having the option to recreate myself…but now there’s a new tinkling bell in me that is ringing the importance of being in the presence of “others,” and spending just as much time and energy in celebrating the beauty behind the costumes and paint.

If we didn’t dress for others, what would we really wear?

how would you look?
what would the painted version of you wear? expression of love can be gregariously awesome

If we didn’t put makeup on for others, would we still be wearing it?

My answer to this is a resounding, YES! Although through the years of cutting out  chemicals in products, chemicals in medicine, chemicals in food; makeup (eyeliner) has  been one of the hardest to use chemical free.  Encircling my eyes has been apart of my ritual ever since taking to the stage and living a life of Improv and Performance. 

It is one of the unstated rules of stepping on stage. “Black eyeliner makes your eyes stand out, so the audience can more easily read your emotions.”

Eventually, I just wanted to know where and when this practice evolved from and get back to that place.  Most often Egypt, pharaoh’s and Cleopatra are associated with the cosmetic wear of eyeliner, but it was used long before that era as well and began its long magical history as preventative medicine for the body and spirit.

Where we are most hidden are the vaults of our beauty. -Contessa

Once I created my process for making PETRA, there was no other option than wanting you to have it too.  So here, the creation of PETRA.  A medicinal eyeliner that has no choice but to be dramatic and put under the brightest light.

The First Petra Oven

Searching through ancient recipes for precious ingredients that would make PETRA worthy of its name was the first task.  Frankincense being the first commodity traded for its medicinal properties along the spice trail, I knew it must be the key ingredient in this ritual pot.

Adjusting the magic
surrounding the ash with 11 circles of beauty
Trying it on again...
Reminding myself the whole point of creating this
A fire burned just for you, each time a pot is made

So feel amazing wearing this all day long, even when your just home doing your laundry…it’s soothing and preventative medicine for your peepers.  Using a precise eyeliner brush is the easiest way I’ve found to apply PETRA.  It can go from a liquid eyeliner look to a smoky eye very easily.  If you looking to make it last for hours upon hours I still suggest using your primers and pre-shadows to give it more staying power.  I wore it through dance class and it came out still applied and rockin.  A little goes such a long way…this pot will last you a long time even with everyday use.  Each pot has approximetly 3 grams of PETRA.  And everyone you can imagine looks amazing in it.  Let’s get divine and frame the windows of our soul with magic!

find PETRA at

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