The Great Soak~After thoughts

Honestly, the clock struck eight, and I almost didn’t do it.  I thought to myself, “oh, you don’t have time for this,” and “I could spend this time and energy elsewhere.” Then, I clicked back into the awesome reality that it was on my schedule, and what an awesome thing to schedule for yourself.  It was the insanely right decision, for it brought me peace which I haven’t felt for weeks, maybe months…maybe more.  We’re definitely scheduling another one…

It’s a warm night here, so I spent time getting the water perfectly tempid without being a hot bath.  Dropped five or six drops of YlangYlang, grabbed a trusty long time friend book, a jar of cool water, some melting music, and stepped in.  I couldn’t stop moving and wiggling for a few moments until I totally submersed, then it all went delightfully fuzzy.  There was the most amazing sensation as I floated and sunk of cozy blanketed warmth on half my body, and cool crisp dry air on the other.  I kept dunking half a body part so that I’d feel both. The opposite atmospheres touching my skin reminded me of what balance feels like.  It is such an odd feeling and thought that we can go on for soo long without the physical feeling of balance.   This lead to a pseudo Qi Xong, tai chi water dance session, which I’m pretty sure I disappeared for a good five minutes and re-materialized.

When immersed back into the pool, I was overcome with gratitude for all the energies that came together to soak and find some parts of ourselves that might have gone into hiding or been buried in layers thick.  When I shut my eyes I realized I had a tendency to shut unwanted thoughts, and ideas out like continually adding moats and stone walls to protect things so precious.  True, it helped shut things out, but felt heavy.  Instead, I started rolling back the concrete Rolodex style, and watched layers of weight fly off the back-end.  My brain felt lighter, my blood started to run with ease, and I was unwrapping all the brain presents that have been piling high.

I moved my head slightly out of this blissful state and my eyes landed on my knee that was perched up out of the water.  One single fluffy tree seed had landed perfectly on my knee.  A wish had flown through the window.  I let it be, to do its wish work, and picked up my book.

I think I bring books in as a fail safe.  If I’m ever tempted to get out to quickly and attempt to move on before it’s really time, a book is the anchor.  A few pages in I’m almost sunk to the bottom is delight and warm cozies when I lift my eyelids again. White tree seeds are floating in en mass from the window above me.  White floofles float down and do somersaults into the soak with me.  Perhaps, tomorrow I’ll find a tree growing out of my tub.  I take this as a great sign and make hundreds of wishes that were sent through floating seeds all over the world.  I continued reading until I got stuck on a phrase.  “Creativity is our divine inheritance.”  I tried to keep going after this line, but it kept calling me back to reaccess it’s awesome truth for me.  Boom!

The perfect thought to end a Great Soak.

I sat at the edge  of the tub and listened to the soak drain away.  Listened to all the heaviness seep back down into the pipes and eventually the earth.  I was gently hit with choreography for a project I’m working on, and danced it through in the dark.  sooo grateful….The Great Soak, we must plan for you again!!!

It was amazing to here all the after soak thoughts on twitter…keep them coming!

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