It’s time to get face to face

It’s rare when you get a space that comes totally raw and ready for an amazing transformation. Well,we took it from a packed crammed barn to raw, and now we’re moving in. We started uncovering this awesome little barn from under the fossilized cobwebs, and chicken hieroglyphics, and are constructing a space to home our spells of wonder. Before this was shot, there were days of intense clearing out. The barn was packed with stuff from over 15 years that hadn’t been touched. Almost borderline hoarding situation. Trash from 1979, walls chewed away from itchy horses teeth, and an arm thick layer of dust. It’s possible that I completly inhaled most of it and I’m now growing a second head…teehehee! So the first day that it became that raw wonderful place of possibility, I wanted share with you! So I’ll be premiereing the captured video in an hour or so…look for it on my twitter(contessacreate), and facebook (contessa montebello) CHOW!
from somewhere inside a puddle

Can’t hide so put it on CAmera


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