The plants are waiting with secrets on baited whispered breath…listen!

✠ Saffron  will bring you Love

✠ Black Cumin to keep away the evil eye

✠ Asafotida the antidote to love ( love is for accepting)

✠ Grow Lavendar at your homes front door

✠ Wear cinnamon to attract friendship

✠ Thyme on the bottoms of feet will stop snoring

✠ Cardamon to excite love’s passion

✠ Patchouli for the insomniac

✠ Frankincense to heal scars

✠ Lavendar right after a burn

✠ Wild orange to uplift the spirit

✠ Peppermint for the aching heads

✠ Ginger for the upset stomach

✠ Clove for sore achy teeth

✠  sandlewood under the tongue for recalling your dreams

There is so much to know. This is just a quick and enticing list to dip your paws into this dizzying world of plant knowledge.  Excited to share more with you in my next class!!

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