WHat People are saying about Cannibal Beauty


Review Posted of Contessa Beauty on emilieautumn.com

“My hair was so damaged, I could hardly comb the ends. I put this in after a bath, and my hair looks and feels so amazingly healthy. Other products I used to love are just useless compared to this. Don’t stop making these amazing natural products, my body depends on it”  -Contessa’s Macassar Hair and Body Oil-



“Amazing smell, I could never find something so unique in a store. Its very much like you captured a piece of my personality and put it in a bottle. Dont EVER stop making this.”  -FEAST Perfume Oil-

Intoxicating scent and it does wonders for the hair.  -Contessa’s Macassar Hair and Body Oil-

“Smells incredible and makes my skin like silk! Thank you so much!!”  -Contessa Salt Scrub Marinade-


This smells absolutely divine! Very seductive… Going to be wearing this everyday!  -FEAST Perfume Oil-

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