Flush Flesh Facial


Today I introduce a new member to the Cannibal Beauty Line, Flush FLesh Facial.  A little something for that beautiful face of yours.  Like all beauty products they treat skin as different as we all are, so here are a few tips on how to use FLUSH, in the best way for you.   This was made with multiple skin types in mind.  Gentle enough to use everyday and powerful enough to treat with two or three times a week.

All you need is a pinch out of the Flush glass jar and a dry face.

Depending on skin use more or less pressure to massage Flush in circular motions all over face.  Massage for at least thirty seconds or more as we are removing dead skin cells that tend to be very sticky as they die off.  Getting rid of dead or dying skin cells is important because our cells are ever growing, ever duplicating, ever sending signals to reproduce an exact replica no matter what health the cell is in.   If you are producing weak damaged skin cells with out flushing them from your system, they will continue to reproduce sickly cells.  These then pile up, plug up, trap bacteria, and become quite the nuisance in our divine.  I like to start at the bottom of my neck and massage in circles heading up.  Close your eyes and focus on your fingers massaging your tender face.  We all go through so much in a day, its  good to take a moment and really appreciate you and your body.  Learn all the  unique curves of your facial features and relish in you.  Flush is great for blemishes, pocks, discolorations and pretty much all facial issues.  If you have a particularly sensitive spot you can spot Flush directly on irritated area and leave while you massage the rest of the face.

After you feel you have sufficiently massaged run a few splashes of warm water over your face to dissolve the remaining Flush Flesh Facial away.  Turn the cold water up and splash again with cooler water.  Pat your polished flesh with a cotton towel while keeping your face a tad dewey.

The Flush Flesh Facial includes a tube of Grapefruit and Myrhh essential oils.  These oils were specifically picked for their repairing and replenishing properties.  Use the applicator to put the equivalent of a drop or two on your fingers and  apply and spread all over the more delicate parts of your features.   Essential oils are non water soluable, so after you apply there is no need to rinse or wipe.  Apply and your ready to work it, or drift into dreamland.  I personally love to do this process before bed.  Then my skin has time to rest, heal, and I wake up with insanely glowing dewy flesh.  I tend to love the way skin looks upon first rise in the morning.  It tends to lose this luster as we wash away our natural oils.  I know a lot of us think we have oily skin, and putting any more oil on our faces seems like a bad idea, but oil cleans oil.  Flush is created to balance out the PH of your skin, so there is no overdrying or over oily.

Just saying…no pressure but I’d love to see your before and after pics!

So much love and adoration, keeping the temple of flesh at its best





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