The Luminence of our Wild

What does it look like to you?

Leading up to this weekend when I’ll share my luminence with a magical circle of women, I’m constantly gathering images of the luminence that graces my life. The luminence I choose to see, and what is shared with me.  Here I’ll be collecting images from my life that emote what this word means to me.  Keep checking back for added footage!!  Share your images of Luminence with me in the comments section…

Luminous once upon a time studio. It was the tiniest of things, but the light coming through it was enough to put me in a trance three or four times a day. It was moving out day, which makes the pic even more lumescent. I love love love moving on, change, and heading off on a new adventure!!


Sparkly people are luminous. I meet somebody once in a while and the literal spark in their eye makes them twinkle all over.


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