The Rites of Autumn

Most often when a group of strangers come together for a weekend, no one has any idea what to expect.  Luminous Wild was such a weekend.  If you look around corners that you don’t normally see, your going to experience things unknown before you. This video is one of those unknowns that was floating ahead of me waiting for the future moment to align with the present

I knew I wanted movement and dance to be apart of the Luminous Wild experience.  You move your body and undoubtedly you shake things loose. We all have this insancenly vibrant creativity deep within us, and bringing it out into the world means pushing it past our own body universe and sharing with others outside of us. We possess these shells in which all of our creativity must seep through in order to effect the world outside of ourselves.  Often on that journey through material mass, sinew and bone, pumping blood and oh so sensitive nerve endings, our luminous gets lost in the jungle fires of the body.  Whatcha gotta do is shake it!  Wiggle it, jive, twirl, and twist until that starlight unties and unfurls from its maze of corners and distractions and pours out onto the world around you.

I put together a sequence of moves that when done continuously slithers into a dance.  This was created with every level of mover and shaker in mind.  No matter if you’ve never danced a step in your life, or you take to the boogie often, this  sequence is for everyone to ground, open, and let go into your wild ways.

The sequence is fourteen moves that start with seven on the floor and seven on your feet.  The entire sequence is ten minutes.  Ten minutes to take out of undoubtedly hectic busy days and nights, to realign and inspire your body to work for you.

Inspired from Yoga, The Five Tibetan Rites, dancer warm-ups, and movement of the amusement:


It’s best if you do it with me!

Put your spandex on or stay in your ball gown.  Whatever inspires the divine you!

Just find a space on the floor, or if your super talented on the ceiling, and follow me.  Once you get the vibe and sequence of movements down, its fun to go at your own pace and glide all the movements into one another creating a ten minute dance.  HINT: As we count down the moves, know that you do the move seven times if we’re on seven.  Six times if we’re on six, and so down.

Until next time…



3 thoughts on “The Rites of Autumn

  1. That was way more physical than I expected, but I loved it, I want to do this every morning!
    Thank you for sharing with us! 🙂

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