How to use Essential OIls: HOW TO??

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I get a lot of questions about plants and how to use essential oils.  There is sooo much information out there to learn about plant medicine and I wanted to share with you a response I just sent out to a recent inquiry.  The question was about these specific oils and their properties:  BASIL< WHITE FIR< CASSIA

Here is a basic beginner description of what these are commonly used for and how you can incorporate oils into your divine prosperous healthy lifestyle.

email response begins now…

YAYAYA!!!! I’m so glad you wrote in and asked!  Essential oil medicine is something that should be passed down from mouth to mouth.  Here are some quick things about each of them and how I particularly use them. 

Basil- a gentle digestive, the most amazing preventative for ear infections.  When you know one is coming put a few drops on a cotton ball and put in ear.  Also use if infection has already hit to subdue symptoms and relieve infection. Never drop oils directly into ear.  Great for sore over exercised muscles and revitalizing mental alertness. I love to mix basil with peppermint and apply to any exhausted muscle or tendon group.

Cassia- A super power in the oil world.  Very hot, more so than its bark oil cinnamon.  Cassia comes from the root of the cinnamon tree.  It is very heated when applied to the skin, but for reasons.  It is highly anti infectious, anti-viral, anti fungal.  When I use this oil I always dilute it in coconut oil when i use topically.  It can be caustic to skin when used alone.  Not dangerous but potent.  Has a clinical tests helping people with type 2 diabetes, a calming effect on emotions and tension. For chronic pain cassia is a cox-2 inhibitor, meaning it blocks the signal from your brain to a sight of chronic pain from experiencing the pain.  Noted uses for this is a herniated disk in the spine.  Again dilute unless you can handle a the heat.

White Fir-  One of my favorites.  It helps my body soo much.  From practicing aerial my hands and body exhaust quickly and need constant care to maintain strength.  I apply white fir to my exhausted muscles and tendons.  I feel my body loosen almost instantly.  An amazing aroma for the holidays as well.  White fir essential oil can help to fight airborne bacteria and germs, asthma, reduce pains from the flu and colds, arthritis, supporting the blood, bronchial obstructions, fevers, rheumatism, coughs, urinary tract.

All three of these oils when in their purest form can be used internally.  Please be sure you know when an oil has been distilled correctly for internal use.  If they are not, they can be dangerous to ingest.  All the oils I sell on Etsy are made to take internally and are therapeutic  grade approved for ingestion from the FDA as well.

HOpe this helps.  I have access to other oils as well so if your looking for something in particular let me know. My etsy store is

8 thoughts on “How to use Essential OIls: HOW TO??

  1. I love you hardcore. anytime I think about oils I think about sitting in our magic circle in the art barn passing them around and smelling them.
    Ok so for my amazing Peppermint oil (which I use a ridiculous amount of the time) it can also be used externally as a muscle relaxer? What are its other uses?

  2. A rare treat as it is indiginous in the United States in Oregan and Washington. Peppermint is also great for nausea, dizziness, rubbing on an upset stomach, taking internally to calm and bomb food poisoning. Studies have been done with diffusing peppermint into the air while students take tests and results are stunning! Peppermint has also been used historically for reducing fever and cooling down our body systems. Can be used for sunstroke or heatstroke (diluted, for the body in this state is in shock) One of my favorite and common uses is when I burn my tongue, which is almost everyday. I put a drop on my tongue as soon as possible after burn and it tends to just disappear. I also use it when I burn my hands on the stove or wood oven. For small burns it cools the singe really well. When I can’t pull myself out of bed I keep a bottle close and take large inhales. When cold season hits and my head is sooo stuffed you can’t breathe, I put a few drops on a tissue as I’m trying to sleep and rest. It keeps the respitory passages clear so you have more comfort when trying to lie down. Love you back hardcore!!

    1. Omg no way. So after flying back home I started feeling ridiculously sick, congested nauseous, fever, sore throat- all the good stuff. And -all- I wanted was just water with the peppermint oil- without even knowing it could be used for that.. After drinking some I felt way better. I’m pretty much just going to carry that bottle everywhere now. Love all of its uses! I’m always burning myself or my tongue. Thank you! xxxoooxoxoxo

  3. Would you have any advice on oils that could be helpful in repairing skin and hair? My girlfriend recently found out that she is gluten intolerant and the effect of that has lead to lots of skin issues that won’t heal and weak hair.

    1. If she has just recently found out she’s allergic, the toxic reaction from gluten in her body has been happening for a long time. Years… so, yes, there are oils that can help detox her body which will in turn bring about healthier skin and hair. Most likely causes of bad skin and hair problems stem from the trouble gluten causes on your digestive system. Repairing the digestive system will result in healthier skin and hair.
      Taking Fennel, Peppermint, Ginger oils internally in capsules to help regulate easy digestion could be one way. Also repairing the skin topically is the other. Sandalwood, Myrhh, Melalueca (tea tree), grapefruit, frankincense can all be great on your skin, depending what the skin issues are. Please be careful what oils you choose to use. There is no regulation over oils and the majority of companies out there are not intending you to use them internally. If oils aren’t pure they will only cause more harm. For hair, Rosemary is a great strengthner. Adding rosemary to a fatty oil, such as coconut, or jojoba, adding it to my macassar, or neat to the scalp can help hair growth.

  4. Peppermint oil has been a life saver for me! I get chronic migraines, and am allergic to most prescription drugs. Oils and herbs are the only things I have found that actually help me, and that don’t cause a bunch of scary side effects. I put a drop of oil in my hand and rub it on my temples and the back of my neck – the headache is gone instantly, or is at least tolerable to a point where I can actually function again. It has almost a numbing effect that takes the pain away.

    The other thing I do (and this sounds kind of silly, but it really does work) is drink a cup of peppermint tea, and once it’s done steeping, put the teabag on my forehead. The heat from the warm water is soothing, then the peppermint kicks in and has a cooling effect. It’s like natural icy hot!

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