3 More Oils, Revealing the Secrets They Want You to Know

star oil               water oil

The questions have been pouring in and I’m so delighted to continue to share the plant wonders with you all. Last time we got a little deeper with the magnificent White Fir, the mysterious Cassia, and the ever common Basil. It’s so interesting to me that we all are familiar with so many plants in our world, but have no idea the help they can truly provide for us. If you were to go outside, would you be able to name the plants that surrond you. Plants communicate with one another, their environment, and us, but its in a different language that only takes close attention to understand. This week I want to share another little snippet from the vaults of stems, roots, flowers, and leaves.
Everyone knows and has heard of CLOVE. We have it in our kitchens, we drink in our tea….so lets go a little deeper!


fresh picked clove

Is mostly known for its antiseptic qualities. You might have left the dentist after the wisdoms being pulled with teeth packed full of a clove tasting substance packed in your mouth. This is because clove is an amazing anelgesiac (numbing-effect). The dentistry world has been using a form of clove oil to treat inside the mouth. The difference is that it is clear that the type they use in office, they always warn about not swallowing the substance. This is a huge sign that what they are using is not pure enough to use internally. When you have access to a pure enough form of clove essential oil, there are so many ways to use this fiery earthy oil. Clove is an amazing preventative and immune stimulant. Applying clove to the bottoms of the feet everyday can be an amazing way to boost your immunity going about your day.

clove drawingetsy essential oils

Taking clove can be soothing for nausea, food poisoning, and digestive issues. Mouth sores cannot stand up when clove oil is applied. It is a hot oil that when applied topically can be have a burning sensation, so mixing it with a coconut, or other fatty oil can prevent experiencing any hottness. I particularly like sensorally experiencing each of the oils. It’s part of the communication.



myrrh tree

So this one has such a mystery behind it. We’ve all heard of Myrhh but it’s probebly something that seems familiar, but you really no nothing about it. It has such an ancient mystical tale, and I keep a close eye on in my treasure chest of oils. It is an antioxidant, anti-infectious, antiviral, antiparasitic, antiseptic, astringent. I use myrhh as a soothing topical for my face. It heals blemishes, or other skin issues almost overnight and is truly luxurious to apply to aggravated skin. It is known as a liquid band-aid. When deep cuts occur, after cleaning the wound applying myrhh in layers can coat and seal the sensitive area until it begins to heal over. Infection in the mouth due to tooth infection can be severly reduced with myrhh oil applied multiple times a day. Clove is a great partner oil with myrhh in the mouth. Sore throats do not take kindly when using myrhh. Gargling with it or dropping it directly on throat soreness and help fight the actual bacteria or virus that is causing the pain.      ancient-herbs myrhh


You might recognize this scent from Contessa’s Macassar Oil. It has often been used in cosmetic and beauty products for its sweet potent aroma. In Asia it is mostly used for maintaining luxurious hair.

ylang ylang flower

It is great as a skin tonic as well. It’s most fun trait is in its power of sensuality as an aphrodisiac. Treating boils or stubborn poxes. YlangYlang is used to calm nerves, squalsh irrability. This is a great oil to wear and be able to help others around you calm down. Internally, ylangylang can help reduce fever and boost any stuck digestion issues. Topically and internally Ylangylang is wonderful at balancing hormones in both men and women. This is a really fun oil to use because it is loved by men and women alike. It has a floral earthy balance that most find very alluring.

George-Owen-Wynne-Apperley-xx-A_Dancer_Of_Ancient_EgyptThese secrets are not new.  The power of healing that plants contain have been accessed through essential oil since the 1200’s, but only recently is having a resurgence in modern medicine.  Much of the knowledge we have has been passed down through historical use.


Make sure you research your oils, and never ingest them unless they are made to do so. The oils I have for sale on etsy are made for internal use, except ones that I state are specifically not (eucalyptus, wintergreen)
There is no regulation on labeling essential oils and doing your own research is a must.

Go to http://www.etsy.com/shop/contessacreate to see what oils I have available. I also sell other plants that are not listed and can create custom orders.

For custom orders, please contact me at contessacreate@gmail.com

Plant whispers!!!!


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