Out in the Trenches with Contessa PART 3

listening tour bus sunsetAs most of you know from previous tales, there are special energies that I have encountered and continue to suss out while on this great adventure.  The encounters started with the mysterious Chicken Man on a ship to Finland, whom spoke to me in chicken, with what I know was a very specific and important message. 

Because of shock akwardness and other factors I was unable to understand in time how important this encounter was suppose to be.

I will never forget his face, though I don't know if I could ever describe him correctly, but this is definetly what his soul looked like!
I will never forget his face, though I don’t know if I could ever describe him correctly, but this is definetly what his soul looked like!

I never recovered the message and have been on a quest since to never say, NO, to these types of peculiar encounters.  Little did I know these encounters would continue to happen over the course of the next three days.

Following the incident of the chicken man, and after the handsome viking fire, there was yet another encounter that I failed to mention.  Outside a norweign venue at three in the morning, sat Veronica, Maggots and I talking quietly on a park bench.  We were watching people saunter home through the park after a long night out.  From a distance away, two particular men caught my eye as they were coming toward us from across the park.  For some reason I kept my awareness on them as they came closer and closer.  The other ladies felt the same energy as I did and we subtly huddled closer together to give off the body language of, no need to stop and talk.  As they approached the drunker of the two was babbling in broken english, “hey, ” “No,” “oKay.” He was barely able to stay standing and kept flopping over like a rag doll every few steps.  For being so drunk, he had a lot of energy and verve.  His friend dodged from side to side to catch him before he could crumple on the pavement.   As they began to cross in front of us, he stopped directly in front of me, gained complete and grounded composure, bent over and put his hands on his knees and looked me dead in the eyes.  His face only being inches from mine, he calmly and clearly asked, “Is your name Contessa?”  Much like the chicken man, I went into a state of shock and was unable to respond right away.  This was no encounter with someone who was familiar with the show or me in anyway.  He demanded again in a tone that I recognized as pertinent to giving me a message if I was in fact Contessa.  I managed to squeak out a quick “no.”  He stood up and instantly became drunken again and turned to his friend.  He began stuttering again and trying to walk on. It happened all so fast that there was no time to collect myself, and number two yell back that I was indeed, and what does that mean????  Instantaniously, I recalled my experience with the chicken man the day before and again regretted my response.  It was evident from the mans sobering demeanor while addressing me that he was asking for the reason of relaying information, had I responded yes. Veronica and Maggots both knowing about chicken man were just as dumbfounded as I with this encounter.  It was his demeanor while talking to me that really hit hard.  It was as if he was never drunk.  Something came over him that changed him so completely into another person.  Watching him go through these transitions was stunning.  Unlike with the chicken man I instantaneoulsy regretted not saying yes.  Why was I so afraid of these people coming to me with something very important for me to hear?!!  This was the third encounter in a consecutive three day magical adventure in which I know I was suppose to be listening. 


After three regretful declines I was even more determined that the next time one of these occurences happened that I would be open and receptive.  For the next few years I kept my eyes peeled for more of these experiences.  Waiting for some random encounter, feeling the prickly air around you as if walking into a room filled with ghosts.  When I returned to Scandanavia in the next couple years I was fully expecting the magic to be conjured again and a chance to deal with these bizarre encounters again.  Alas, nothing!


The intersection where the Polish, GreenPoint begins
The intersection where the Polish, GreenPoint begins

Two and a half to three years have gone by since that time in my life and I’m walking down a Brooklyn sidewalk with Veronica.  We had gone for coffee deep in the Polish section of Greenpoint and was deep in conversation when we saw a big beautiful old mirror leaning against the sidewalk. 
Old Mirror Standing Against Wall

We had wondered onto a mans pop up used furniture sidewalk shop.  We asked who appeared to be the man in charge how much the mirror would cost.  He was very polite and a good barterer.  After he put an offer on the table, he got very serious and contemplative.  He looked at us both and said…”There are only two things in life that you need, only two things..”  He looked at Veronica and held her gaze…”One, is a Mirror, you have to see the reflection.” 

Veronica's Mirrored Parlor room, Mirror magic brought to you by Miss Varlow Herself
Veronica’s Mirrored Parlor room, Mirror magic brought to you by Miss Varlow Herself

“Two…” He turns to me and stares into my eyes…” Two, is a clown.” 

Clown Contessa Lotus trying to catch a bus, that just won't stop
Clown Contessa Lotus trying to catch a bus, that just won’t stop
contessacreate stormy cloud 14

This time I was ready…after so long here  was a beautiful creature reminding Veronica and I the importance of our exsistence.  If you haven’t taken Veronica’s classes and particularly how important the role of mirrors are in her life, this was a transmission coming in loud and clear to the both of us. 

The dear polish man in his broken english continued to tell me why clowns are so important.  A lesson I am well versed, but hadn’t heard since the days of clown school. 

Yup, clown school, looked very much like that!
Yup, clown school, looked very much like that!

It’s a motto I live by, and here a man on a street I just moved to, who sells old coffee makers and furniture on the sidewalk hitting the core of Veva and myself.  It was a spectacular moment, and the era of accepting the signs and messages floating all around us. 

Messages are coming, but in unpredictable packages!!
Messages are coming, but in unpredictable packages!!

Letting us know we’re in the exact right place at the exact right time!!!!


ps.  As occurances, this has only happened to me with people from different countries other than the US.  Must keep moving, must keep changing, must keep traveling!


From Somewhere inside a magnificent Puddle



What are your strange encounters with the wild world and signs that have come upon YOU???


One thought on “Out in the Trenches with Contessa PART 3

  1. Something happens to me very occasionally which, to me, is like life’s way of telling me I’m on the right path. Its like deja-vu, but instead of feeling like I’ve lived a moment before, I can recall it from a dream. I have quite a vivid example of this. I was bored at my desk at my old job, many years ago. I randomly recalled a dream I’d had about being at work, and there was a white rabbit on my desk. Sounds pretty random. I thought nothing of it until I looked down. You see, to help pass the day I used to play music while I worked. Sure enough…..there was a man on the CD cover, wearing a white rabbit mask. You could put it down to coincidence, sure. But it FELT like it meant something. Its like life’s little bread crumbs…..

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