Create More Than What You Consume

Contessa thinks

In a world where disposable everything just won’t do, how can we learn to shift everything we consume singly into a multi-use, multi-divine, multi-life object?

etsy line
I re-use the dropper bottles as soap dispensers in the bathroom and kitchen. Plus gives everything that ancient apathacary look.

I often wonder as I’m swirling and filling bottles with luscious oils and salves, what will become of this container once this beautiful patron uses the last drop.  What story will fill this glass bottle next?  One of my hesitations opening a shop was the fear that I’d be one more person producing an object that essentially would become another piece of trash.  But there are gorgeous ways to avoid the trash pile, and I hope that when you recieve anything from ContessaCreate, that it life evolves into something else, useful and beautiful.

tin production
Tin and metal are great replacements for plastic, and definetly more pleasing to the eye, which means your more likely to keep it and use it for something else!

True beauty is sustaining and undeniable.  Getting to the truth of ones beauty can be complicated enough without the added worry that your beauty practices will be poxing someone else’s drinking water or filling up landfills with disposable plastic bottles.


the trash we tend to stash and forget about
the trash we tend to stash and forget about

So here I sit today wondering what has happened to all the hundreds of bottles and jars that have flown all over the planet from Singapore to Australia to Timbuktu, and what is their story now.  If you’ve ever ordered from the Cannibal Beauty line, or any other item from the shop, share how you’ve re-used your bottles and jars.  Do you create your own beauty products to replenish, plant a little seed and watch new life grow???

Take pictures, tell stories…if you have none, go, run, go plant new life, new progress in a vessel that was made to highlight your beauty.  I like to picture them as little traveling altars being shot out of a cannon and raining down delicious dewy beauty drops about you.  If you can’t seem to think how to use it next, here’s what I do…

_-Add water to Salt Scrub Marinade jar and add one little plant clipping and start growing a new baby plant until the roots are grown and strong enough to be planted in soil.  Remove water, add soil and continue growing. root growing

-Always burning candles and there is always a lack of containers to catch drippy wax.  Flush Flesh Facial bottles are perfect sizes for tea candles as well as refilling with melted wax and making your own beautiful candle.  mason-jar-partylights

-Large Feast Perfume bottles, Flush Flesh Facial jars, and Macassar bottles are great for traveling. I even travel with the marinade jars!!  I know then that I won’t be littering my suitcases with all kinds of products that you tend to buy more of while traveling.  Don’t let the glass scar you, just pack amoungst your socks.  Its really decadent to have your beautiful jars with you even on the road.

This case of mine is always full of jars, so at a hotel, my bathroom becomes my spa!!
This case of mine is always full of jars, so at a hotel, my bathroom becomes my spa!!

-Store your crafting or art supply baubles in them.  You can still see everything which helps you use what you have instead of going and buying more. Mason-Jar-Office-Storage-Close-Up

-make a bird feeder

-use as a vase for flowers or unique flower displays.  I love seeing little baby flowers peeking out of itsy tiny bottles.  hanging-mason-jars-1  flower vase

-redecorate, and use as a gifts packaging for someone else.

The more we fill these vessels the more precious they become.  There is nothing more exciting and divine than being filled with story.

I would love to hear tales and see pictures of this beautiful process.  What have you done, and how do you recycle your Cannibal Beauty bottles and jars

Inquiring minds want to know!!!

Till next time

From somewhere in side a puddle, inside a glass jar



4 thoughts on “Create More Than What You Consume

  1. “Tin and metal are great replacements for plastic, and definetly more pleasing to the eye…”
    I concur Contessa! The types of plastic packaging most things are suffocated in these days is detestable, both aesthetically and environmentally. If you can recognise that the beauty of a well-made container is often as great at it’s contents you won’t want to let it go. Finding new uses for a redundant receptacle is a fun challenge, and just another excuse to be creative! I admire your efforts to minimize the affect of your shop on the environment 🙂

  2. Dear Contessa, I’ve always loved your bottles and jars and wouldn’t dream of throwing them away. It would be a pity; I hope that nobody turns these beautifully crafted containers into trash. I’ve used the mini-FEAST vials and bottles for my own oils (I adore the tiny brown bottles in which you shipped the first FEAST samples, it’s so cute and handy), and once the beautiful big triangular bottle is empty, it will probably used for some magic as well. Apart from that, I love the idea of the hanging bottle vases… that’s really inspiring. Guess it’s time for some gift-crafting 🙂
    Thank you for this great entry.

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