Alarming Thoughts

Sleeping Contessa's want to know.  How to go from sleep to awake in a blissful divine way!!
Sleeping Contessa’s want to know. How to go from sleep to awake in a blissful divine way!!

It has always baffled my mind, and I’m sure yours too, how we all mostly depend on loud jarring noises to jostle us out of unconsciousness.  The alarm clock is one of the most despised and hated possessions we all come to depend on.  I’m always very jealous when I hear of people who can just wake up at the appropriate time.  Not only that, but consistently and reliably.

I’ve always battled with the waking up process.  As a kid I was a deep sleeper, and I finally could be roused only with a jolting where it feels like my body flew to the ceiling and I’m hanging there by my fingernails.  It was as if someone was scaring me out of sleep.

heart attack wakeup call!
heart attack wakeup call!

Then there was the period when I was handed an alarm clock and it was all my responsibility to get myself up.  This is always a struggle for many, and I was no exception.  I never heard the alarm, and it would still take a family member to come in and arouse the unconscious.  No wonder alarms have the most ridiculous heinous sounds screaming out of them.  Even if this can arouse you, it’s really difficult to wake with any sense of fervor for life when you’ve been ripped through deep sleep to consciousness.

Waking up with the thoughts..."NOOOOOOoooooooo" or "Are you joking?"   Is NOT OK!!! Give me clouds and dream shakers, and inspiration.
Waking up with the thoughts…”NOOOOOOoooooooo” or “Are you joking?” Is NOT OK!!! Give me clouds and dream shakers, and inspiration.

Thank goodness for all those out there thinking about how  unhealthy alarm clocks are, and creating the more gentle ways of arousement.  Granite these only work when you are in the right sleep cycle.

Aromatherapy alarms  wake you up with releasing a scent

Tactile Alarms- You wear them and they vibrate slightly to wake you

Cycle alarms Starting soft and successively getting louder

This one jump 3 feet into the air and starts rolling away.......WHAT????
This one jumps 3 feet into the air and starts rolling away…….WHAT????

I’ve noticed of late, that how I wake up dictates my whole day.  If I’ve had bad dreams, they linger with me for most of the day.  If I wake up exhausted, I spend to many hours trying to wake up further.  If I go to bed stressed, I wake up stressed.  I’ve noticed more than anything, that my thoughts wake me up.  By the time I’m consciously thinking I’ve already had a berage of thoughts in a half sleep.  This is not restful.

This is why I started writing myself alarm messages.  Below is a screen shot of my phone, which is presently my alarm clock.  I’ve set it to play the music of my choosing, and I assign my waking times to mantra’s that are particularly helpful to me.

What's your caption for a good day?
What’s your caption for a good day?

On super early rises that I know are going to be hard, I set it ten minutes before I know I have to.  When I go to shut off the alarm there is a message waiting there.  I make sure I read it, and collapse back down for a snooze with this thought in mind.  It distracts me from simply fixating that I’m waking ridiculously early.  By the time I wake the second time, my though patterns have already formed, and I wake with the thoughts I want to have as oppose to mind race. While I’m traveling, I set my alarm to…”safe passage, courage, resilience.”  If the mantra’s stop working or don’t work, I simply change them till I’ve found the golden phrase.

There's only one way to do this and it's with Joy!!
There’s only one way to do this and it’s with Joy!!

I would love to hear other ways of waking up.  We do this everyday, and it’s something that instead of being annoying should be something to look forward to!! How do you wake from slumber? Any alarming thoughts…?

5 thoughts on “Alarming Thoughts

  1. I have music as my alarm… Sometimes I wake up to jarring electric violin … Lol but it makes me smile n think of good memories n live shows and awesome. Lately it’s been dance music! I suggest Lindsey striling 🙂 nothing with words … Or else u get thoughts injected into ur consciousness as u wake up. I wake up to my own dreams so I remember them!

  2. Back when I was in high school I started waking up to misic and I woke mich happier. I still wake up to a musical alarm.

  3. For the most part I use an alarm, because I have nothing to wake up for most of the time. I tried music, but when I do that I just want to lie in bed even more and enjoy the sounds! The awful sounds of the alarm make me want to get up just to stop the noise.

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