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This time I’m going to show you all the ways you can use this amazing blend of essential oils.  Sometimes it can be daunting to use essential oils, for it can be challenging knowing their purity.  Are they ok to put directly on my skin, are they pure enough to ingest, will there be sensitivities when I use it?  I’m here to say that QUESTIONING is brilliant when dealing with any and all essential oils.  There is no regulation on any bottle to dictate what the bottle is providing you with.  No 100% percent guarantee’s of what will happen.  Its an medicine and science that has never had the research done to answer all our 21st century questions.  I’ve spent the last six years with these questions and here’s where I am.

I take an Ayurvedic approach to experimenting with essential oils.  I am my own test subject and I take responsibility for anything I put or ingest into my body.  No matter the claims, I’m aware that it’s my decision, my curiosity, my well being.

Even if I believe something works, every single being is chemically different.  Like snowflakes, we all have subtle differences that will exhibit themselves when we use plant medicine….for every plant is slightly different too.  Even if I have had success with an oil thirty times, there will be times when my chemistry is different, that it won’t react the same on the 31st time.

PATIENCE!  Plant medicine has a reputation for taking a long time to work. That’s because it works on a natural cycle as oppose to a forced cycle.   Medicine is not about instant gratification.  Its a process, and our bodies heal with time and rest.  Modern western medicine has taught us to expect instant results so we can get back to work.  It covers symptoms so you can ignore the illness until enough time goes by and it goes away.  Think about a plant growing.  If it doesn’t get watered enough and starts to look sickly, it doesn’t bounce back instantly once watered.  Days and weeks go by before you see the healthy strong plant again.

Questions to put to your essential oils before deciding to use externally and internally.

1. Who and where do your oils come from?  If the company doesn’t have extensive information about the where and how of the oils, it’s not good enough.  Where, how, when harvested, distillation process, storage, and testing all effect the quality of the oil you are getting.  Essential Oils are VOLATILE!!! Meaning tending to vary often and widely.  Any speck of dust or inconsequential alteration can completly change the chemistry of the oil.

2. If the bottle warns DO NOT INJEST, then DON’T!!!! It means the company and or scientific studies have shown that they don’t know what the effects could be if ingested, or they know and it’s not good. Most will say something like this…ImageIn the U.S, the FDA has to approve anything that is meant for ingestion.  So if you don’t see a nutritional label, they are saying DONT INGEST.  There are plant oils that are very therapeutic but throughout history have proven to work better outside the body.  Wintergreen is a great example.  Often uncomfortable when ingested, but feels amazing when applied topically.

3.  THE NOSE KNOWS.  Our smell use to be our strongest sense.  Over time we have lost our sensitivity.  You can revive it.    . Image Try to shut down the sight and hearing senses and take in the scent.  Don’t expect to smell something you recognize.  For centuries our expectations of smells have been altered by false advertising.  Smell your oil without even thinking about what it should smell like.  Pick a random bottle and don’t even look to see what it is.  What do you smell?  If there is anything questionable to you, follow that hunch.  Along with smelling altered oils, there will be plant oils that just won’t agree with your nose.  For the first couple years Heliochrysum made my stomach lurch, even though all my colleges using it were having fantastic results. Applying it on scars, or on nerve damage or help chronic pain.   I just put it aside for years.  In the past year I have revisited it when it was a recommended oil for symptoms. It no longer makes me lurch.  I’ve changed.  Getting in touch with your intuition can be a huge help when investigating oils.

That said….

A little on this PROTECTION BLEND

I use this multiple times a day.  I personally brush my teeth with it everyday.  I use it to sanitize my hands, rub over my neck and face to ward off air born microbes, while protecting my ears, nose, and mouth.  I also drop it under my tongue to pump immune system.  I have also tried adding it to chai, hot water, and fresh juices.  Here are my favorite ways of use…


I’ve been using it to brush my teeth for about a year straight.  Drop two to three drops on my bristles and brush, brush, brushy away.  I’ve ruined many a toothbrush though.  The oils love to breakdown plastic and toothbrush bristles are some already tiny pieces.  I have found a nylon or other natural bristle brush seems to hold up much better than any other I’ve used. The Protective Blend, is a bit spicy and wakes you up.  Because the oil blend contains clove and cinnamon there is a nice antiseptic and gentle numbing effect in case you have inflamed or upset gums.  When I don’t have a brush and just need a freshen up, I whip this out of my bag and run my index finger over my teeth.  You will see the plaque running away.  Rinse thoroughly with water.  While the oils are not water soluble you’ll want to rinse away all the muck.  Because toothpaste is white and foamy, you don’t see all the plaque your removing.  You will now!Image

I also use MYRHH essential oil to keep my mouth happy.  I take a drop and run it along my gums.  It’s a taste you have to acquire.  Although, I have to say I can deal with it better than Listerine.

PROTECTION BARRIER X 2, OIL NINJA.Image  With a lot of air miles under my belt, I have learned when I start to feel the sickies.  Undoubtably, after a short or long flight, I feel the itchy germ creepers trying to reside.  I take my Protection Blend, and put 5-6 drops in my palm and gently get it on both hands.  Then I take my traveling scarf and rub the oil all over it. (hint. many pure essential oils won’t leave a stain, there are always the exceptions)  I then wrap the scarf around my head and chill.  Since flights are notorious for recycling the air, when the person sneezes 5 rows up I know I’m protected.  People around you will start to comment that the plane smells like home, or christmas.  I smirk underneath my scarf and chill…Image

Generally speaking anytime I leave a public restroom, get off public transportation, get coughed on, I’m whipping out my bottle and spreading around the spicy love.  I apply the drops to my hands then gently smooth over my neck, outside of ears, and right under my nose.  Remember to keep away from eyes and inside ears…BURN CITY!

MAKING IT DELIGHTFUL.  Not only is the smell always a pleasure, but its nice to pamper a little when using medicine.  After all, stress, and lack of rest can inflame any small illness to full blown misery.  When your feeling under the weather or you just want to be nice to yourself, add the PROTECTION BLEND to your favorite warm drink, plain hot water, or a heating pad.  Image

Add to any recipe that calls for cinnamon, or pumpkin spice…experiment and let us all know how you like to take it!

What are you experiences?  Talking oil shop is so important, so let the questions and discussions abound!

HINT:Protection BLend is a hot oil blend. Image It packs a lot of heat, fireball style.  If its to much for you, you can dilute it with a carrier oil like coconut, sesame, or olive.  Water will not dilute the intensity, since the oils are not water soluble. It will only help spread the essential oils around.

Bringing healthcare back to self-care!!

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