Smartphone Shame to Grativerse Game

I’m slightly ashamed to admit this, but I use the social market platform as a tool to fall asleep most nights.  I don’t think of myself as a social maven or attached to all my boxes of technology, but I have to admit this accrued habit is taking me off to divine slumber land.


I know I’m not alone…yes you!

When I decide it’s time to fall into night and collapse on my bed, I’ll whip out my phone checking in on all those “connections,” that are happening out there between, you, and me, and them.  Somehow this releases a switch in me to relax, knowing I have the statuses of everyone and myself, before hitting the eject button for the night.  Even as I write this, it is crazy to me!!!!

Crazy, on many levels that all have their perspective arguments weighing in.  Healthy or unhealthy as this behavior is, I know a large portion of our globes population is doing the same. Image

For the time being, I’m going to accept this present possible detrimental behavior, and make it into something more….Want to join me??

I have this other thing I do as I’m drifting off to sleep.  Too often bombarded by to-do’s, and feelings of anxiety, issues to conquer with the deftness of a warrior …I’ve started to close my eyes and whisper the things that I am grateful for.  A little personal, ASMR! A cathartic battle against impending woes.  I decorate my worries with the trimmings of GRATEFULNESS.


This has significantly helped my dream state, which I have been also been working on…ANOTHER BLOG!

The obvious collaborative BOOM, that came this morning was to combine the two!!


So, I’m starting the #grativerse!!!!!!!!

The  #GRATIVERSE, is a one single gratitude verse that is blasted out to your twitter universe, in that delicious moment when you decide to blast off into unconscious-land.


Instead of scrolling through the worlds updates and ending up with who knows what information, I’m getting on the social highway to blast my universal bubble with one last #grativerse before I enter the roller coaster of brainwaves to dreamland.  Dramatically speaking; ending it all, each night on a gracious note!  Image

Then, of course, how powerful it would be, to see what others thought to be the last gracious moment of their conscious day. Time zones will allow us to send goodnight whispers to each other.  While I’m catching lunch in NYC, I can see that someone in Australia has just shot the twitterverse with a #grativerse lullaby.


I’m so excited by this idea!  I love to play the grateful game, but its one of those habits we forget about in our daily grind.  Is there such a thing as too grateful?? hmmmm…not that I’ve discovered yet!!!

Let’s start tonight.

hashtag #grativerse and let the universe know the last thing you are grateful for in that day.   It’s 2 o’clock here and I’m already excited to go to bed!!

One thought on “Smartphone Shame to Grativerse Game

  1. I’ve gotten into the habit of falling asleep while clutching my phone; I started doing it during the ‘Revolver’ Kickstarter when I didn’t want to miss a thing. As for daily gratitude…I struggle with it. Some days I don’t feel grateful for anything, or I’m grateful for stupid things like netflix. I’m working on finding more things in my life to be grateful for, no matter how small, and your blog post definitely helped.

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