PETRA -eyeliner for the love of your eyes-

As a new season of Petra is burned, I thought I’d reblog this for all those that are new. Still using the same recipes and practices, but new packaging!


It started in flames of my mind as I contemplated why I love to encase my eyes in dark coloring everyday.  I wear it to bed often, knowing I really should wash it off, but I love how morning eyes can look.  I adore that I give myself the opportunity everyday to paint my face in ritual symbology of the love I have for my life, my interactions in this world, and the freedom of expression I feel.  It was only a short while ago that I finally started wearing make-up for decoration and adornment as oppose to trying to change or cover something up.  For so many years, always being apart of the performing world, I had easily slipped into different characters, being who others wanted to see, and morphing myself into whatever I thought would be pleasing to others.  I was a pro.  A big behind the scenes task…

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