New Year, New Changes, Cannibal Beauty #discounts!

images-2Golly! It’s been a while since the last blog…but when the mood hits it’s undeniable.  I have to say I’m still riding the newness of the year and using it to push forth all sorts of new systems, changes, and creativity.  The new year in the past has not been a huge time or shift in my holiday year, but this year, I have to say I’m wringing out all the resolutional tools that I possibly can.  Can’t deny it if it inspires, right?

So, for now 2015 is the pruning shears of life.  Anything that is past it’s prime, weighing you down, feeling like dead weight, has been masking the truth…it’s time to pull it’s roots.  Making sure to rid the soil of time, energy, thoughts, and space that is not serving you.   Not only pull those roots, but shake off, shake down, throw the soil into the air, let the oceans flood and retract, breath new life into that land before considering what to plant next. So it is amongst this mud slinging fest that I bring you news of the new year in ContessaCreate land.

Contessacreate Etsy is up for some major reinvention, renovation!!!!

Starting February 14th (for the love of change)

Items will be available on ContessaCreate Etsy at four exclusive times during the year. These eleven day periods will be announced two weeks prior and include exclusive specials that might not be available at other times. Gotta keep it FReSh! So, from now until Feb. 14 the shop will operate as it always has and all items are available. After-that we’ll most likely see you sometime in May/June for our first exclusive sale.

This change is to help balance stocking all the amazing divine orders with a busy traveling schedule that pulls me away from the Beauty Cave. Thank you for supporting and choosing to see yourselves as divine with ContessaCreate. From now till the 14th please enjoy code #mudslingingdivine for a 10% discount on your orders.

Plant whispers!!!!!!! Wild Journals with Contessa!!! Plant knowledge, Plant Medicine!!!
Will return end of February 2015. Tune in for more episodes of PlantWhisper video’s and catch up if you’ve never seen them at

Wishing you all an amazing week, an amazing next twenty minutes!!

Always yours

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